Tumblr University: Home of the Blue Sloths.

About TU

More than forty two minutes ago, Alfonso Villa, the distinguished but not-so-known tumblrman who lacked attention span, loved the smell of coffee—as well as its flavor, duh—and liked to sleep for more than 12 hours with a fiction book or a laptop beside his bed, declared his intention to establish “in this immense and fast-growing environment (the internet)… a system of creative, humorous and non-practical education fitting for almost all, but graciously opened to all. Founded in the year 2012, Tumblr University™ is now one of the largest private universities Online. Of the more than billions of colleges and universities in the world who offer online courses, Tumblr University is the first and only institution of the now open Association of the Social Networking Universities™.


We scroll, we create, we laugh. 

The purpose of the now open Tumblr University™ falls within the standards given above. In order to be accepted in TU, you have to be an active person (No, we are not talking about doing sports, or being healthy). You either apply for TU (meeting the requirements given-see ‘Requirements’) or you can be invited by the TU Committee—If you are, you must just wait for your letter *wink. 

You will scroll: It is a new world to you, so you need to be familiarized with the environment. This is why your duty for the next month is to learn by scrolling the page until you get to the last post you saw the day before. On and on, until you learn.

You need to create: As you scrolled, you learned a bit of this world. Next, you need to create. It can be posts written by you, gifs created by you, photos of extremely non-existent hot people (really, I’ve never seen things like that on the streets), or else—All of this regarding feelings, LOL’s, or any fandom you can come up with. You can combine all of them. As an student at TU, you will always be creating stuff, that is why this is the most important part of your admission process: create.

But how will I?  You might think. Don’t worry, if you decide to join our large online institution, it will take you less than a month to know what you should do in order to create the stuff we need at TU. 

You will laugh: All of us will. As more than a society, our mission will be accomplished. We will go on for years, introducing new fandoms, new ways to see the life, new ways to feel pain and laugh at the same time. Subjects may change, but our way of life will stay the same, here at TU.


By now, our programs are scheduled as following:

First year

  • Fandoms I
  • Introduction To The Feelings
  • Tumblr Literature I
  • Tumblr History (featuring David Karp)
  • Tumblr Itself: Introduction to Tumbling
Second year
  • Fandoms II: Understanding the past
  • Tumblr Literature II
  • Blog Differentiation I
  • Tumbling II: when, how, and why
  • Customization
Third year
  • Fandoms III: Understanding the future
  • Tumblr Literature III
  • Blog Differentiation II
  • Social Studies
  • Gifs, counterposts, and more…

When beginning studies at TU, books such as “ASDFGHJKL; a Tumblr Literary Introduction”, “Right in the feelings”, “Teach me how to Tumblr” and “No tattoos? where did I leave my blog!?” will be free for the first two weeks. *Limited samples*

University Life

TU’s campus is literally without walls, drawing its spirit from the very depths of the internet itself. It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from or where you are going. Here at TU, you will meet the most interesting people ever. A diversity of human life (people, famous people, hot people, aliens, hot aliens, dragons, wizards, doctors, angels, daemons; among many others), and resources that include some of the world’s most famous memes.

Events and Traditions
  • Welcoming Day: When every one new at TU will be assigned to the type of blog he or she will be running, depending on his/her aptitudes and taste. 
  • The Blue Sloth Day: A day to remind us all that at TU, you don’t need to be good at sports. Every student should submit a picture of how she or he will spend the day Tumbling. The photo with the laziest-scenery wins a different prize every year, given by the TU Committee. 
  • Tumblr-across-the-world: We push our students to meet even more people, culture and traditions in other Tumblr Universities across the world (See: La Universidad del Tumblr: Arriba los Osos Perezosos! for the Latin American Tumblr University) So, if wanted, any student who is cursing the third year can go to any part of the world and finish his studies.
  • Golden Global Halloween Fest: Every 3 years, a party is held for every Tumblr University across the globe. The place of the party is submitted to vote (from Japanese beaches to Mexican volcanos or Greenland’s igloos) The host of the party is sorted out, it’s all in luck, but it’s an honor to make this party happen.
  • Just kidding
  • Maybe Quiditch
For more information on the Tumblr University, please go to www.TumblrUniversity.com
Thank you! Sincerely: Alfonso Villa, headmaster at TU; professor at TU; Member of Dumbledore’s army, The Avengers Initiative and Emma Watson’s fan base; follower of Emma Stone, many fandoms, and David Karp, of course.

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