I’m sorry I wrote you a love song.
I’m sorry I wrote a book about you.
I’m sorry I fell in love and I’m sorry it didn’t work.
But I’m not sorry that I met you.
Because you made me start to write.

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I want to take you to the beach and ride a kayak in the sea until we can see nothing but a thin shore line.
I want a wave to knock us down.
I want to kiss you and show you that there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Because I will forever be protective of you.

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My favorite is Buildabear Cabbagepatch

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I don’t mind sentimental girls at times…

Miss don’t go away.

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I don’t know who said “Write drunk, edit sober” but man, it is confusing as hell. I wrote drunk two nights ago and ideas flew over my head and my fingers kept typing. But in the morning I realized I had done a lot of confusing sentences that I didn’t remember. I had to puzzle through them and build a better context for it to be clear and understandable.


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It’s been nearly two hundred years since the Earth became an uninhabitable place. Scientists knew the day would come, and it was no secret for us citizens either. As we all knew this, major countries and powerful, wealthy people decided to apply all what was needed to preserve our civilization: Astrophysics, Rocket science, Cosmology, Astronomy, Astro-Medical, Astro-Agricultural, and Quantum studies, and so on. Kids in school were thaught modern science so they could be usefull in the nearest future.

It wasn’t a matter of ten or fifty years. Not even a hundred, but time runs out faster than you think.

So there we were, little by little joining the pieces together;

Building our way to the future.

At first we thought Mars would be our first and only choice, but how small-minded we were. We knew there were at least one hundred billion galaxies in the observable universe, and yet we were in love with Mars and only Mars.

It wasn’t until Professor Anton Dudin and Doctor Keung Aoki’s group of researchers, astro-scientists and programmers made their way to the top shelf. They created an spectacular device that could see among the galaxies and planets. It could measure their surfaces and predict the capability of human life in any desired one.

The megascope, the mega-telescope and the beyond-scope were the first of the many names it owned, until it finally became simply as “The Scope”.

Not long after, Miguel Alcubierre’s speculative idea in which a spacecraft could reach faster-than-light travel, was finally achieved. Warp drive was finally here. To go to the Moon meant to travel for days. Now it could be done in seconds.

With the Earth being considered as a not-sustainable-for-life place and the fast advances on technology, the leaders of the world realized that they could take advantage of this situation and create, once and for all, the utopy they had always desired.

No crimes and no disrespecting the law.

No more violating moral or ethic laws. Or at least that was the plan.

See, you would think that by this point on the timeline, racial problems would be solved, but they never truly were. There always existed this little spark of injustice. This legacy that would always state wrong against other human beings. And this problem would be always carried by an important someone, somehow. A wrong idealist with too much power.

That’s why, in the end, after all these technological improvements and ways to overcome human extinction, utopy was finally going to be a thing. And it did. Sadly, it was just a disguise. A really great mischief, and we all believed it was the best choice:

After choosing and investigating the planets where human life was possible, the world leaders decided to poblate each one with each race ever existed, in a way to separate human races, and human so long problems for once and for all. Having the last word, this wrong world leader decided to do this final, hoping that only his race would survive. The hate for other races and the belief that his race was the aryan race, the master race, blinded him so much that he didn’t understand that by now we were all pretty much mixed with all of the ever existing races. We were not english or spanish or armenian or chinese. We were Earthlings. Though it didn’t matter and we were separated depending on our heritage and our physique attributes.

That was the best way to achieve utopy, according to him and many other world leaders.  It wasn’t, but it worked. It was an irony, really. This guy hated mixed races and believed that his race was the one that, being by its own, would achieve utopy. And none of us complained because we knew it didn’t mattter, as long as we could live peacefully in a planet that could sustain human life. That’s all we cared about.

The story I’m going to tell you is neither about what happened to this wrong world leader, nor about the advances on technology and how they achieved them.

The story I’m going to tell you is about one little boy’s life in one of the chosen planets, and the life on that planet as well: Nova.

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The Ice Bucket Challenge

I’ve got to say something about this: The Ice Bucket Challenge.

See, I knew about it when Bill Gates did it and continued to donate money even if the challenge consisted on donating JUST if you didn’t accomplished it. It started and people were doing it (for fun or for actually supporting the campaign).

One week later, it has come to Mexico and it’s been a success, since all viral videos are great received here and we all get along and do the same thing.

There’s just one thing that gets on my nerves. People are starting to be so “intellectual” about the theme that they get angry. Why? Well, they get ‘angry’ (if you can call it that. To me, they are just trying to reach for attention) because they seem to think that this Ice Bucket Challenge is just a waste of water and time, and that we should just donate to the cause instead.

I’ve seen tons of comments from my Mexican friends, claiming that this challenge is somehow stupid and that ‘there are people out there who need this wasted water and whatever…”

Ok, I know there IS INDEED people who need what we are wasting, but I just want to tell you something: 

You think you are better than all of us. You think you are a superb human role model because you act against this Ice Bucket Challenge… Well, you know what? If it wasn’t for the one person who started this, you would have NEVER heard about this syndrome. About ALS. About “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”. If it wasn’t for that one person, you would’ve never started to point out the “flaws” in this challenge. You would’ve never started talking about how this was “so stupid”, because it wasn’t the IT THEME. But, guess what? It now is. And, thankfully, it has gotten out attention, even if it is by doing some challenge that seems stupid. It has.                                               Because now a days we have to come with something interesting or intelligent or even funny to be noted. Because if it was just a simple News article, it would go to waste.

Simple as that.

So, please, don’t be a smart-ass and talk bad about the Ice Bucket Challenge, or any other thing that seems morally wrong at first sight to you. Think first. Speak after.

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  • 😄😄 fuck yes

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